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Iran: a Tragedy in Four Acts

David Brumberg over at Newsweek’s religious blog, On Faith made an interesting post a few days ago heralding what he called the “sad, angry death” of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and its replacement with what he labels the Islamic Government. (Hat tip to commenter, contributor, and all-around good guy Bruce Lawrence).
From the post:

The difference is not merely semantic. The genius of the Islamic Republic -if we may call it that — was that it blended competing notions of legitimacy, as well as a myriad of competing institutions. Unelected authorities, the most important of whom was the Leader, co-existed with quasi-democratic bodies such as the parliament (majles) and the office of the President.

Brumberg gives a high-level overview of that relationship through Iranian post-revolution history, dividing it neatly (too neatly?) into four acts, the latest of which is now beginning. Certainly worth a read for those desiring a bit of context to the current crisis.

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